Hands & Surf, a unique experience

We are a young NGO in a little town called Zorritos.

Hands & Surf is an organization who seeks to help the locals in Zorritos. Surf is one of our ways to give more development opportunities to the children in the village. Doing this we try to keep our targets in mind:

• Strengthening of the self-esteem and self-confidence

• Improving education

• Further integration of the disadvantaged

• Environmental sustainability 


The minimum stay for a volunteer is 1 month.

All of the work you will do is with the kids. They are between 4 and 15 years old. With some of them the volunteers only play games, because of their age. Two days a week the volunteers teach English in a little primary school. Almost every weekday the volunteers give English classes to the kids from the neighborhood.


A part we ask our volunteers to organize one workshop a week / two weeks to teach the kids hand crafts or another specialty of the volunteer. Volunteering at HANDS&SURF is free. However we do accept donations.


Do keep in mind that you have to look for a place to stay ( ask for possibilities at Casa Kresala, where you can get a discount ) and have to provide your own food. 


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